About US

Goldman Blog began its life from a small website and later became an analytical company. We provide financial analysis on demand of our clients.

Our main specialty is foreign economy. We search for foreign companies data and check it for possible investments. We try to dig deeper into national and world markets.

We know how hard for American investors to find best opportunities abroad, understand the international policy, stock processes and receive official information from companies. And it is the time to ask us for private investigation. Our specialists gather information from abroad colleagues and companies during several weeks. We process information and send a report to the client.

We don’t give any guarantee for the safety of your investments. We can support you with data and analysis. And after that, all responsibility lays on your shoulders. Our clients can ignore our recommendations; they can take risks or go to the safe haven.

Our analysts will not give 100 percent guarantee that this operation will be successful. They can make advises based on experience.

Our analysis is based on laws of math and logic. We don’t know the future. We provide weekly analysis of the market for our subscribers.